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  • Calling all Associations – Ottawa shines in the popularity stakes!

    Ottawa Tourism reports that as of January, 45 large-scale events (500+ delegates) had booked their 2017 congresses in the city, which is the epicenter of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. The number represents a 220 percent increase over large-scale events booked in 2015. The growth in Ottawa’s popularity for meetings follows significant investment in the destination and, in particular, […]

    Top Tips for Marketing to Associations

    Associations are an important market for many venues and convention centres. Their needs and buying patterns can differ significantly from corporate clients so how do you get your venue marketing right? We spoke to Julie Watterston of Watterston Associates, an expert consultant with over 20 years’ experience working with venues and destinations to attract association […]

    How can Asian destinations work with European based Associations more productively?

    How can Asian destinations work more productively in the European market?  As more and more destinations chase after the same international association congress business, what is it that makes one destination stand out over and above its competitors?  Despite our ever-changing technological world and the improvements in website design and electronic communication, our meetings industry […]

    Quick guide to Big Data for ICCA Members and the meetings industry

    Big Data and how to find potential new international association conference business When we say, Big Data, we mean REALLY big!  The world is our oyster and the amount of information out there now is phenomenal. Just type your own name into Google and you’ll be surprised at how much information people can find out […]

    What is the future of trade shows for the meetings industry?

    Do you get the most out of MICE industry trade show activity… By the end of March 2016, the conference and events industry would have been present at over half a dozen trade shows since the beginning of the year.  Conventa, Convene, AIME, ACE of MICE, Meetings Africa and several other industry led forums are […]

    Client gifts that keep on giving

    International association research meets the world of rock   Whenever we help the destinations we represent to organise a client event we always try to have a link between their city and the activity that we are organising.  Sometimes this can be tenuous but there’s usually some relevance somewhere! As I sit in my office […]

    When is the best time to generate new association leads?

    Generating new international association leads….. That old adage “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” has never been truer than in the global conference and meetings industry. Natural disasters, terrorism, governmental issues and even exchange rates are sadly a daily occurrence and if it’s not happening in your city, you can bet your […]