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    Research & Sales Leads

    • International association lead generation
    • Securing appointments during city sales trips or trade shows
    • ICCA Database research
    • ICCA Big Data research and local host development services
    • Ambassador programmes
    • Destination representation
    • Database cleansing and maintenance
    • Consultancy
    • Trade show hosted buyer recruitment
    • Client hospitality functions in the UK and Europe
    • European and UK roadshows

    International Association Research and Lead Generation

    One of our roles is to act as an extension of the convention centres sales team.
    The Conference Centre will be ICCA members, and they will have access to the ICCA database. Watterson Associates will develop the sales leads for the Convention Centre, speaking to these contacts and provide an intense lead qualification system.

    The data which we generate through the lead development process is long term and consistent and our lead qualification service is highly valued by both the Conference Centres and the destinations.

    Conference & Convention Industry Research & Marketing Consultants. Working with Convention & Visitor Bureaux, Convention Centres, International Associations, Destinations & Academic Venues. Extensive Conference & Convention Research Database.

    International Association Research, Sales Lead Generation for Congress Centres & Convention Bureaux. Working with Conference Organisers, Destination Management Companies & International Tourist Boards. Assistance with Venue Bids, Venue Research for Medical Associations’s Conferences