Case Studies

We are extremely proud of the extensive ROI that our destination clients see from our lead generation services.  To ensure that we are compliant with confidentiality we have not listed specific examples of the business won by our clients but are happy to provide this information on an individual request basis rather than have it available in the public domain.

OttawaOttawa Tourism – we have been working with Ottawa since May 2013 and have been instrumental in increasing Ottawa’s share of the international association market.    Our contract involves regular lead generation identifying association congresses that could be held in Canada as well as pinpointing the relevant Canadian members who would need to be.  We also regularly secure appointments for sales missions, organising client hospitality functions both in the UK, throughout Europe and in the USA and are instrumental in working as part of Team Ottawa on a daily basis.  We have also been instrumental in organising a flagship event for Ottawa’s top Association prospects which is to be repeated again this year due to its success and substantial return on investment.

Salzburg CongressSalzburg Congress – identifying potential International and European association congresses for Salzburg including relevant local members who could bid. We have also organised client events in London, Brussels and take some top-end clients to the Salzburg Festival each year.

Firenze FieraFirenze Fiera – identifying international and European association congresses for Florence based on specific criteria that is relevant to the Firenze Fiera Congress Centre with regards to number of delegates, time of year for the congresses and future open dates.

We work closely with all of our clients as an extension of their team, communicating with them on a daily basis and assisting them in identifying the most appropriate Association congresses that their city could bid to host.  Our work extends to also helping our clients with sales missions and appointments, client hospitality events, trade show support and any other representation services that are required.

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