How can Asian destinations work with European based Associations more productively?

How can Asian destinations work more productively in the European market?

 As more and more destinations chase after the same international association congress business, what is it that makes one destination stand out over and above its competitors?

 Despite our ever-changing technological world and the improvements in website design and electronic communication, our meetings industry is still a people-driven business.

 Working with many destinations and venues, differentiated mostly by their geographical characteristics, it has been an education to see how different nationalities perceive the best way to secure new congress business. 

 Typically Asian destinations are much more formal in their approach.  I should not however “tar them all with the same brush”, as always there are exceptions to this rule and some that we have worked with have more typical European characteristics when it comes to hospitality. 

The differences can be glaringly apparent though.  Non-Asian destinations tend to give a “soft sell” approach, enticing the Association buyer with a true destination experience whilst not boring them with the basic facts and statistics about their city or country.  Whether it is at a trade show reception, a client hospitality function or  a familiarisation visit to the potential host city, it’s all about building relationships, making friends and enthusing the Association executives so that they know they would really like to work with you – not just your destination, but you personally.  Speeches are out, general chit-chat is in.


 It’s a people industry, be sure to make new friends out of your prospects!



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