Quick guide to Big Data for ICCA Members and the meetings industry

Big Data and how to find potential new international association conference business

When we say, Big Data, we mean REALLY big!  The world is our oyster and the amount of information out there now is phenomenal.

Just type your own name into Google and you’ll be surprised at how much information people can find out about you.  Believe me, I’ve tried it and not only have I learnt lots about myself but it was interesting when the images came up. Some were of me like the one below but others were of TV personality Craig Revel Horwood as a drag queen and a doctor with a syringe….


Now you might think this isn’t relevant but if you dug deeper the photo of Revel Horwood will tell you that I also moonlight as a theatre critic (and have done so for a number of years) and that I have presented sessions at the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) General Assembly about medical academics who are leading ambassadors to host international congresses.

So what can we find out about our potential future clients and meeting planners?  The answer is a hell of a lot!

As well as ICCA Big Data (only accessible of course to ICCA members), there are sites such as Microsoft Academic and Google Scholar to name just two. The international meetings industry has the advantage of working with international association congresses, a large percentage of which are led by host committees made up of academics and medical professionals.  We no longer need to purchase lists of potential meeting planners to identify people who could bid to host a congress in our destination but we can delve into international association lead generation ourselves and identify potential ambassadors.

It’s a huge task of course and vastly time consuming but the rewards are there if you have the time to research it!

I am always happy to answer any questions.  Please email me at julie@watterston.com if you would like a free consultation on your current marketing, lead generation and research activities.



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